2005 年 05 月 07 日(土)

 I made an attempt at what I write the mutter in English by way of experiment. Because chances to use English are no made the slightest at all recently. It is an overseas project has ended, and also it is no so much schedule in the future about them.

 English is forgotten fast only because it doesn't use it really for a moment. Especially, the word and the idiom severe with. I think that 99 percent of English language skill knows the word and the idiom very as for talking and hearing. I should better go to a cheap English school, or read English books in a commuter train, or do something other I can. When it uses and is forgotten from though it remembered a little with great pains, it is wasteful.

 In my opinion, English about which I talk is not English but a kiwi language learned in NZ.

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